Celiac Safe Travel

Searching for Celiac Safe Travel

I was diagnosed as a celiac eight years ago. Prior to my diagnosis, I loved to travel! We took the kids all over Europe, the US, and even to South America. Once I was diagnosed, that all changed. I tried to travel, but managing my diet took all my time and energy, especially in a foreign language, and more times than not, I ended up sick anyway. I’ve got more stories of spending my days finding the nearest WC, rather than seeing the sights with my family. So I’ve been searching for Celiac Safe travel for more than four years.

Gluten Free Cruises: Bringing the clean kitchen with you

Gluten Free Cruises has the best answers for Celiacs to travel worry free. By providing all meals on board, in a completely gluten free kitchen, it gives us Celiacs the opportunity to see so many cities, and travel Europe, with none of the worries or consequences of inadvertent contamination.

No compromises Food and Wine Cruise

Best of all, Lynda and Gluten Free Cruises team are providing a Food and Wine Cruise, with no-compromise menus from a completely gluten-free, celiac safe kitchen, and Jule’s gluten free will be training and advising the kitchen on gluten free baking, so we all can have rolls for breakfast, bread with lunch and dinner, and desserts and treats at every meal, rather than sitting out, watching, or having a fruit plate and enviously eyeing the strudel or croissant being eaten next door!