Celiac Friendly Travel

Celiac Travel Challenges

Traveling as a Celiac, even in Europe, can be a real challenge.  While Celiac support groups are helpful in pointing us to gluten-free friendly restaurants, and the translated travel cards help inform the waiters and chefs of our special dietary needs, travel as a celiac is still an exercise in frustration!

I’ve had the opportunity to go to France, Italy, England, Wales, the Netherlands as a Celiac, and I’ve been “glutened” inadvertently everytime.  As a family, we love to travel, so we’re motivated to find solutions.  We’ve rented flats, so we can cook for ourselves, we’ve found Celiac friendly bed and breakfasts, and have sought out both the chain restaurants (Wagamama- GF Asian in the UK,   x in Italy for great GF risotto), but no matter how careful I’ve been, I’ve always gotten sick, which means one day of misery and several following days of discomfort (typical for celiac travel from what I’ve heard)…a real drag when a trip is only 10 days long.

Celiac Travel Solution:  River Cruise Europe!

That’s why I was so excited when Lynda McHenry approached me with the idea of a Gluten Free River cruise.  I’ve always wanted, even as a celiac, to travel in Eastern Europe, but with the language barrier, and traditionally gluten laden foods, I’ve been loathe to try to tackle Hungary, Austria or the Czech republic on my own or with a traditional group.  Her solution, chartering a European River Boat, and decontaminating the kitchen, and serving only gluten free foods for the trips, is the perfect solution.!  We can bring our kitchen and trained chefs with us. 

I can’t wait!  Gourmet food and drink, gluten-free breads, pastries and desserts, all from a Celiac knowledgeable chef in a completely gluten free kitchen.

And last I talked to Lynda, she’s thinking about more European cruises, and perhaps other locations as well… check out the site, learn about the Gluten Free Danube River cruise, bookmark the pages, and come back and book your cruise, or find the trip of your dreams…Celiac travel where you can eat everything, no looking over your daughters plate eying all the baked goods that you can’t eat, no worrying that the sauce the chef assured you was completely gluten free will have you up in the middle of the night, and no anxiety of ruining the evening by having to explain your needs to the wait staff and the chef.

Ahhhh… Ideal.