Gluten Free Travel!

Enjoy Food, Wine, Luxury Travel, Gluten Free!

Gluten Free Cruises has assembled an all star group of experts to provide you with an amazing, gluten free travel experience.

 Gluten Free Menus!  – Gourmet Gluten free meals, with wine and GF beer.  GF Nurse – Consultant Nadine Grzekowiak has coached the chef and the servers on how to maintain a gluten-free prep area, and prevent cross-contamination in the serving areas.  Everything from a dedicated GF toaster, to making sure all the gluten containing breads and desserts are served well away from the Gluten-Free foods.

 Gluten Free Foods and Nutrition!GF Nurse – Consultant Nadine Grzekowiak,  will be advising the staff about great sources of gluten free foods, and will advise on the menus and ingredient selection.

AMA Waterways chefs are working with our experts to prepare Gluten Free menus that can also be adapted to many food sensitivities.  Please call us and tell us about your dietary restrictions.

No expert can guarantee that there will be no trace of gluten contaminants.  Every effort will be made to ensure a contamination free kitchen.  Contact us if you would like to know the specifics of the detailed planning that is going into making this a wonderful cruise for Celiacs and the seriously gluten intolerant.