Lynda McHenry

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Lynda McHenry is the master mind and powerhouse behind Gluten Free Cruises.  She has been in the travel industry for 35 years.  She has led dozens of groups on tours and river cruises all over the world, and is an acclaimed and well loved trip organizer. She owned and operated her agency in Southern California for 26 years, before moving to Corvallis, Oregon in 2007 to establish Willamette Tours and Cruises.

Lynda opened Via Verde Travel in San Dimas in 1981 and operated it for 26 years. 2007 she sold the agency to Plaza Travel to move to Corvallis, Oregon.

Under the Plaza/Via Verde Travel umbrella, Lynda has established Willamette Tours & Cruises in Corvallis, where she works as a full time travel agent. She has traveled around the world and cruises are her specialty.

How Gluten Free Cruises was born!

The McHenry Family’s introduction to gluten intolerance began in 2006 with the serious illness of their daughter due to undiagnosed gluten intolerance.  She was treated with surgery and the next step was to be chemotherapy, before it was determined the cause was gluten intolerance.  Thus began the journey into a whole new way of life that led to her husband’s founding of Big River Grains, a gluten free grain company, as well as their opening of Eats & Treats Café, a completely dedicated, gluten free eatery in Corvallis, which serves “just darn good food”, and the best cinnamon rolls. Period. (never mind that they’re gluten free).

To Lynda, it only seemed natural to combine her passions of travel and gluten free living into one fun opportunity:  a dedicated gluten free European River cruise without compromise!


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