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Gluten Free Travel, without compromise!

Lynda McHenry, an experienced travel agent, well loved for her amazing tours and cruises all around the world, (with a Gluten challenged family), and Nadine Grzkowiak, a gluten free RN, and a passionate advocate for all things gluten free are your advocates to find a wonderful and worry free travel experience- Cruising!  Our specially selected cruises offer a gluten free river dining experience.

Gluten Free River Cruises combines the talents of Gluten-Free advocates!

Lynda and Nadine got together  with  Ama Waterways, voted best luxury river cruise company,  to bring you a food and wine tour without compromise!

Lynda McHenry, 35 yr. Travel Agent, Owner Willamette Tours and Cruises
Nadine Grzeskowiak, Gluten Free RN, Celiac Nurse Consulting

Lynda will also help you find the best, most gluten-free friendly Ocean Cruises, advising you on ships to choose, and how best to arrange for a succesful gluten-free vacation.  Call her today.


Lynda McHenry
Gluten Free Cruises

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